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  • Wang, Sai (2015)
    Robustness testing is an important aspect in web service testing. It focuses on the service's ability to deal with invalid input. Therefore, the test cases of robustness testing aims at good coverage on input conditions. Behaviours of participate services are described in BPEL contract. Services communicate with each other by sending SOAP messages. BPEL process is seen as a graph with nodes and edges which stand for activities and messages. Due to the feature of business process, we extend the robustness of web services in SOA ecosystems based on the traditional robustness definition. The robustness test case generation focuses on test paths or message sequences generation and test data in SOAP messages generation. Web service contract contains information related to test case generation. In this thesis, we divide the contracts into three levels: document level contract, model level contract and implementation level contract. Model level contract provides the information for test case generation. BPEL contract helps test paths generation and WSDL contract helps test data generation. By analysing the contents in contract, test cases can be generated. Petri net and graph-based method are chosen as a method for message sequences generation. Data perturbation technology is used for invalid test data generation.