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  • Xiang, Jiale (2014)
    Flavonoids are a group of secondary metabolites, which are not only important for plants’ survival, but also have been found to have medicinal properties for human health. Several enzymes are involved in the flavonoid biosynthesis. It is thought that these enzymes work together and may form enzymatic complexes. But the way of these enzymes interact with each other is still not clear. In arabidopsis, the number of gene family members that encode these enzymes is less than in other model plants, which makes it as a suitable model to investigate the interactions of enzymes involved in the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway. In this study, ten full-length flavonoid pathway genes were successfully amplified from cDNA of the arabidopsis flower. They are PAL1, C4H, CHS, CHI, F3H, F3’H, DFR, FLS1, ANS and GT. These genes were cloned into different prey vectors (pPR3-N and pPR3-SUC) and bait vectors (pDHB1 and pBT3-SUC). After that, the constructs were transformed separately into yeast. The protein-protein interactions were analyzed via yeast two-hybrid system.