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  • Xin, Guanyu (2019)
    2 Abstract 2.1 Purpose To review indications, patient characteristics, frequency, and safety for surgical tracheostomies performed by otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeons in a single tertiary care center. 2.2 Methods Surgical tracheostomies performed by otolaryngologist – head and neck surgeons at Helsinki University Hospital between Jan 2014 and Feb 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. Patient demographics, surgical data, peri- and postoperative mortality information were collected from the hospital charts. Minimum follow-up was 18 months. 2.3 Results Total population was 255, with a majority (n = 181; 71%) of males. The majority of patients (n = 178; 70%) were classified as ASA 3 or 4. A total of 198 (78%) patients suffered from head and neck cancer. Multiple (14 altogether) indications for tracheostomy were identified, and simultaneous major head and neck tumor surgery was common (in 58%). Altogether, 163 (64%) patients were decannulated during follow-up with a median cannulation period of 9 days (range, 1 - 425). The surgical mortality was 0.4%. 2.4 Conclusion Simultaneously performed major tumor surgery was the most common indication for a tracheostomy. A notable number of patients had impaired physical status, but relatively insignificant comorbidities. Almost two thirds of the patients were decannulated during follow-up, although some patients remained tracheostomy-dependent for a prolonged period. Tracheostomy was found to be a safe procedure. 2.5 Key Words Airway, surgical tracheostomy, mortality, ENT 2.6 Level of Evidence 2b