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  • Yadav, Arihant (2024)
    The chemoenzymatic approach has been utilized for several decades to overcome the challenges of conventional synthesis methods and work towards an environmentally benign, greener approach. Recently, the use of recombinant enzymes has spiked to expand the scope for synthesizing complex molecules. The synthesis of non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is an eminent field of research in pharmaceutical sciences to enhance therapeutic efficacy while minimizing adverse side effects. The experimental work outlined in this thesis aimed to establish a chemoenzymatic synthesis route for Polmacoxib. The study compared the chemoenzymatic pathway coupled with photooxidation to the conventional route described in the literature, with the goal of identifying the most efficient synthesis method. The integration of chemoenzymatic approaches and photocatalysis represents a promising and sustainable method for synthesizing key intermediates in small-molecule drug compounds. The focus of this thesis work was the successful synthesis of the fiuranone motif, a key intermediate in the synthesis of polmacoxib, using this innovative approach. As part of the research for this thesis, the reaction conditions for photooxidation were screened and reported, followed by a comparative study between the traditional route and the envisioned route. Notably, the study found that the wavelength of light used significantly impacts the optimization of reaction conditions.