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  • Kiriama, Aino (2020)
    The study investigated primary school teachers´ concepts concerning Finnish as second language (F2) pupils´ assessment at the primary school at the grades two to six. They were also defined Finnish as second language learners based on the National Core Curriculum 2004, The theoretical part provided a brief overview of the challenges in learning Finnish as a second language and the significance of mother tongue studies to strengthen multicultural identity and to learn language - also academic language in mother tongue which eases academic SLA (second language acquisition). Learning second language has two tasks: learning as a tool and as a goal to learn the contents of subjects and study modules. After that, the study discusses on pupil assessment and the usage of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages learning and teaching and how to assess each student’s language learning profile. The main pedagogical principles of pupil assessment were also introduced. The key concept of the study is language awareness; linguistically responsive teaching by the teachers who teach and assess F2-pupils in a linguistically responsible way. The main research questions are: How do teachers encourage Finnish as second language pupils in learning by pupil assessment and what kind of collegial assessment cooperation teachers have. The research focused to three essential pupil assessment forms; diagnostic, formative and summative assessment. The semi-structured interview was used as a research method to interview 15 teachers. In the analysis of the interview material via content analysis, findings of phenomena could be divided into three-pupil assessment field. The discussion of results shows that several class teachers have different ways of assessing pupils who do yet manage Finnish language. Teachers of pupils’ own mother tongue saw challenging heterogeneous groups of students as well as teaching and assessing students who speak a different dialect of another country or region than the teacher. F2 teachers have a supporting role in S2 assessment and also in advising and guiding their colleagues on assessment issues - for example, in science, history and mathematics assessment. Further research may focus on the study of students' self-assessment, with its emphasis on the foundations of the national curriculum for basic education in 2014.