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  • Xu, Yi (2023)
    The literature review detailed the theoretical background for this study, identified the possibility about development of faba bean protein stabilized emulsion for food products and studied the effect of increased oil addition on the structure of emulsions. The practical work was divided into three parts emulsion analysis, emulsion gel analysis and sensory evaluation. Various research methods were applie d to support this study, including droplet size distribution , droplet charge ζ potential), texture evaluation, and rheological analysis. This study showed that oil addition increased emulsion droplet size, as well as the absolute value of ζ potential . Emulsifying activity index (EAI) and emulsion stability index (ESI) decreased with increasing oil concentration. F aba protein stabilized emulsions were better stabilized by oil addition , compared with those without oil additi on . From texture analysis of gel properties, firmness improved with increasing oil concentrations (0% 30%). In addition, rheolog ical analysis for faba yogurt samples showed that increasing oil concentrations improved the viscosity of the faba yogurt samples. T he results also illustrated that increasing oil concentrations led to increased deformation meaning the emulsion gels were more easily destroyed with increasing oil concentrations (0 30%). Oil addition resulted in higher whiteness when compared with samples without oil. Sensory evaluation by a professional panel for faba yogurt samples indicated that samples with 20% oil concentration w ere the most preferred and had the highest overall quality .