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  • Arestola, Mia (2017)
    The aim of this master's thesis was to implement a genre-pedagogical educational intervention with the 5th graders of elementary school and to look what kind of biological science reports they wrote before and after my genre-pedagogical intervention. I wanted to find out if the genre-pedagogical intervention would help the students to become better writers. I also wanted to find out how much the usage of sources was to be seen in their reports before and after the intervention. The aim was also to examine gender differences in writing as well as in the development in writing by using the genre-pedagogical intervention. This study was a qualitative research, in which I used the method of content analysis and specification. The data consisted of 26 biological science reports written by 5th graders. The study involved 13 students and each student wrote two reports, before and after the genre-pedagogical intervention. I went through the material by classifying the material considerations into categories based on the research questions and also by scoring the texts based on the scoring system developed in R2L – genre-pedagogical method. The results showed that the overall scores of the science reports increased on all the areas of the scientific text categories. The results also showed that the students leaned strongly on sources when writing biological science reports before the genre-pedagogical intervention. After the intervention the students used less paragraphs directly copied from the sources and used more of their own expressions. Review of the results showed that the girls scored higher than boys almost in all areas of the scientific text categories before the genre-pedagogical intervention. After the intervention the boys reached the same level with the girls in almost all of the text categories and thus the differences between the sexes narrowed.
  • Rintala, Maiju (2015)
    The aim of this study was to develop two teaching implementations that used genre pedagogy and teach two genres, a news report and a narrative. The goal of this research was to test teaching writing using genre pedagogy and also to develop a new model for using genre pedagogy and two improved teaching plans for teaching a news report and a narrative using models of genre pedagogy and the findings of this study. This study was carried out as a qualitative action research. The research was carried out in a third grade of comprehensive school and 21 students, 13 girls and eight boys, participated. The research period lasted for 20 lessons that were video-taped. As data in this study were the texts which the students wrote, tests and the filmed lessons. The filmed lessons were used to describe the course of the study. The texts and tests were analyzed using genre pedagogical criteria. The students wrote texts that fell well in both the genres. When writing a news reports almost everyone succeeded very well, the biggest problems were in answering the news questions. There was a wider distribution in points of the narratives, but almost every student did write a narrative. Most improving was needed in executing the stages of a narrative. In the improved teaching plans these things were highlighted more. As an outcome of the research is a new model for applying genre pedagogy presented.