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  • Åkerlund, Melissa (2021)
    Prolongation of studies is a particular challenge in generic humanities studies. Supporting the development of organised studying skills is important, as the challenges faced in studies effect the study progress and the well-being of students. Organised studying skills are related to study progress, faster completion of studies, and coping with the challenges of academic studies. University students face challenges in the form of procrastination and stress, among other things. Good organised studying skills gives students the tools they need to cope with these challenges by managing their own behaviour, time and environment. The topic is topical due to the current pandemic, due to which university studies have become distance learning. Studying requires students to have the ability to organize their own studies, and studying can be challenging with weak organised studying skills. More research is needed on the intervention courses that support organised studying skills in the university context. The aim of the study was, firstly, to find out how first-year university students assess their own organised studying skills, their tendency to procrastinate, and stress prior and after the online intervention, and secondly, students' views on the effects of an online intervention on above issues. The data of this study consist of questionnaires (n = 18) conducted at the beginning and the end of the intervention, as well as preliminary assignments and learning reports (n = 22). The research material was obtained from The Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE). The material was collected in the spring of 2019 from an online intervention course that supports organised studying and time management skills. The material was analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. The change after the intervention was observed by repeated measures t-test and students' views were observed with theory-guided content analysis. Students who participated in the online intervention course rated their own organised studying skills as weak and the procrastination they experienced as high in the beginning of the course. After the course, students reported that their organised studying skills increased, and procrastination as well as stress decreased. During the course, students’ awareness increased, and they learned a variety of ways to manage time, procrastination, and stress. The results provide an indication that students experience challenges in their studies and that it is possible to support students’ organised studying skills through online intervention.