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  • Dahlberg, Mikaela (2021)
    The task of this thesis was to study the transmediation processes of craft teacher students in the context of a learning assignment during the university course of Materialization in Craft Science. The study specified the starting points for transmediation and the factors that influenced it. In addition, the short videos produced during the learning assignment were analyzed, specifying the craft related meanings conveyed by them. The aim of the study was to describe the transmediation process as a part of craft, from the perspective of craft teacher students. More specifically to build an understanding of how both theoretical and concrete knowledge are transferred from one medium to another through craft and video making. Previous research has shown that transmediating deepens learning and increases understanding of the information being transferred. Video technology has autoethnographically been applied in craft research during the past, which has significantly deepened the understanding of the studied phenomenon. 29 craft teacher students from the University of Helsinki took part in the Materialization in Craft Science course during fall 2020. During the course, they completed a “Article into a Video” learning assignment, which eventually resulted in making a short film. The data of this study was the recording, where craft teacher students presented their short films during the course. The recording was transcribed and analyzed using qualitative content analysis. The short films were analyzed applying essence analysis. Craft teacher students approached and framed the learning assignment from the starting points of their own lives in relation to the knowledge presented in the research articles of the learning assignment. They transmediated information through craft and video making. The craft teacher students transmediating processes were influenced by both internal and external factors. Internal factors were such phenomena, which the craft teacher students were able to influence. Instead, external factors where such that could not be influenced during the learning assignment. Craft related meanings conveyed in various ways through the short films that craft teacher students had produced.