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  • Kätkä, Kaisa (2023)
    Low density polyethylene (PE-LD) is the most common coating material in paper-based cup packages. Today there is a growing need to develop more sustainable but multi-resistant food packages with less plastics. Porous foams are known for their great thermal insulation properties. Thus, an interesting question is, whether foamed PE-LD can bring better thermal resistance and equivalent barrier properties as an insulation layer in paper cups. How the reduction of PE-LD affects the functionality of the paper cups is also of interest. The aim of this work was to study the functional material and tactile properties of PE-LD foam coated paperboard. The PE-LD foam coated paperboard was studied in the form of sheets and ready-made cup packages. Water vapour permeability (ASTM standard E96/E96M-05) and grease resistance (ASTM standard F119-82) of the composite samples were analyzed. Thermal properties of foam coated paperboards and comparison materials were analyzed with thermal insulation measurements and sensory tests. Grip stiffness of the cups was measured with RH-BT10 Bending Stiffness Tester for Paper Cup and Bowl. The material reduction of PE-LD has not shown a negative effect on the barrier and mechanical properties of the composites. The barrier and mechanical properties of PE-LD foam coated paperboards were at good level. The thermal insulation properties between the composite samples were very alike. Optimizing the material thicknesses and densities is still needed to obtain better insulation properties. Too much defects and pinholes should be avoided in the foam structure.