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  • Holtinkoski, Jaakko (2023)
    Active and intelligent packaging technologies, are emerging as innovations in the food industry, aimed at enhancing food quality, safety, and sustainability. However, research indicates that, consumer awareness and acceptance, of these new technologies remains limited. This study review examined current evidence on consumer perceptions and attitudes regarding active and intelligent food packaging. Active packaging interacts directly with food products to extend shelf-life, while intelligent packaging monitors conditions and conveys information about food quality. Studies reveal that consumer awareness is moderate, with higher recognition of intelligent versus active packaging functions and technologies. Consumers generally understand potential benefits like improved food safety, quality, and freshness, but lack in-depth technical knowledge of the specific active and intelligent packaging technologies being used. Attitudes are mixed, with concerns about increased costs to consumers, uncertain environmental sustainability impacts, and potential unintended interactions between packaging ingredients and food contents. Consumers expect high standards of safety, quality, environmental sustainability, and affordability from these new technologies. However, willingness to pay a premium for active and intelligent packaging remains uncertain, highlighting the need for more consumer education and transparent communication. Further evidence-based research into the cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and safety of these technologies is critically needed to increase consumer acceptance and adoption. Additional studies should explore effective educational approaches and innovative packaging designs that address consumers' informational needs, ethical concerns, and expectations. With strategic development and commercialization, active and intelligent packaging presents a promising opportunity to enhance food systems sustainability while better serving consumer interests.