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  • Tapio, Lauri (2016)
    This study aims to reveal Non-Industrial Private Forest Owners’ willingness to contribute biobanks in the case of flying squirrel. Especially Private Forest Owners’ compensation in money for improving the nesting circumstances of the flying squirrel has been examined. It has also been studied what affects the compensation requirement of respondents and what kind of socioeconomic background those respondents have who are interested in biobanks. The study was executed via e-mail in 2015 to 3793 members of Forest Management association Lounametsä and Päijät-häme. Compensation question was executed by contingent valuation method as an open willingness to accept question. To verify the representativeness of the sample it was compared to the Suomalainen Metsänomistaja 2010 study. Factor analysis was also made to enable comparing and regression analysis. The backgrounds of the Forest Owners who were interested in biobanks were compared to the other respondents. According to the results Forest Owners who are interested in Biobanks differs from the others respondents by age, income, education, occupation and the size of owned forest area. In the experiences of different biodiversity and conservation projects were also found differences. Respondents who were interested in biobanks, were also more eager to participate projects aiming to improve the state of biodiversity.