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  • Kauste, Krista (2012)
    The aim of this study was to compare warm white LED and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) -lamps in the greenhouse cultivation of lettuce. Two experiments were carried out in which lettuce growth and external quality was observed, the effect of lamps on leaf temperature was measured and the electricity consumption of LED- and HPS-lamps was compared. First experiment carried out with iceberg lettuce (´Frillice`) and second experiment with red oakleaf lettuce (´Rouxai´). In the second experiment, the effect of light treatment on the color of leaves was also investigated. The presence of tipburn was another measurement of external quality in both experiments. LED-lamp with DLC-sensor (Dynamic Light Control), which was designed to optimize the illumination according to the existing natural light, was also included in the experiments. Light quality or observed differences in temperatures or relative humidity did not significantly affect the fresh weight or external quality of ice berg lettuce. Oakleaf lettuces grown under LED-light were much smaller and they had more tipburn symptoms compared to HPS-treatment. No significant differences were found in the anthocyaninlevels of oakleaf lettuce grown under different lightning treatments. LED -lighting consumed about 22% less electricity than HPS-lamp in both experiments. However, energy efficiency of HPS- and LED-lamps cannot be directly compared, since HPS-lamps illuminated larger area than the LED- luminaires. DLCsensor was able to adjust illumination according to natural light and to reduce energy consumption, but it did not increase fresh weight accumulation in relation to power consumption compared to LED-luminaire without DLC.