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  • Mahne, Hanna (2018)
    The present literature was reviewed to understand the recent indications of lipid degradation affecting β glucan molecular weight in aqueous solutions, the main topics being oat lipid reactions, oat β glucan, and oat bran/β glucan fortified yogurts, as well as the possible interplay of these three. A non-heat treated, a heat treated, and a heat treated and defatted oat bran concentrate (OBC) were produced, all with ~20% β glucan. OBCs were subjected to a storage trial in dark for 0–12 weeks at 4, 22 and 40 °C. Lipid degradation was followed during storage by assessing volatile compounds (HS-SPME-GC-MS), neutral lipid classes (NP-HPLC-ELSD) and tocopherol and tocotrienol levels (NP-HPLC-FLD) as well as β glucan molecular weights (HP-SEC). Acid milk gels were prepared as a model system for yogurts with added OBCs, and analysed for spontaneous and forced syneresis and textural changes. Lipid oxidation was observed in all OBCs, and hydrolysis in the non-heat treated OBC, but no changes in β glucan molecular weight were observed in the dry stored OBCs. OBC addition caused structural changes in an acid milk gels, the water retaining properties were improved, and the gels were softer and smoother than without added OBCs. Time and temperature affected OBC lipid oxidation and hydrolysis behaviours. Adding OBCs to gels changed gel textures compared to both without vs. with OBCs and adding fresh vs. stored OBCs.