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  • Sneck, Anna-Maria (2020)
    The aims of the thesis included firstly to develop a process to prepare an oat-based milk substitute (OBMS) model in laboratory conditions representing industrial scale processing. After that, the quality of the oat-based milk substitutes prepared using the developed model was assessed and related with differences in the compositions of oats. The hypothesis was that the oat samples differ in terms of their behaviour during milk substitute manufacturing as well as final quality characteristics of the milk substitute. The OBMS process included mixing of oat flour with water, homogenisation and enzymatic hydrolysis of starch with α-amylase followed by enzyme inactivation, salt addition, pH-adjustment and removal of insoluble particles. Calcium phosphate and oil were added to the liquid milk phase after which a second homogenisation step and a final heat treatment were performed. The final OBMS was characterised in terms of mass yield, protein and dry matter contents, reducing sugars, particle size, viscosity, colloidal stability and colour. A functional OBMS process was developed and predictably, the oat samples behaved differently in the OBMS process. Mass yield of the OBMS increased as the starch content of the oat groat increased. High ash content of the oat groat correlated well a high protein content in the final OBMS. Viscosity and redness of the final product predicted well the milk yield and furthermore, it was noted that the higher the viscosity of the OBMS was, the slower it sedimented. This work provides relevant information on the oat composition that is suitable for oat-based milk substitutes.