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  • Sinkkilä, Suvi-Maaria (2009)
    The paper industry environment is going through changes. Traditionally in the Western Europe and the North America the paper consumption has increased along with the economic and population growth. Despite the growth of these indicators, the newsprint consumption in North America has been declining since the late 1980's and the magazine paper consumptions have also started to decline. Also in the Western Europe signs of maturing can be seen. The paper consumption growth is assumed to be happening elsewhere. The purpose of this study is to estimate potential magazine paper consumption of three different socio-economic environments up to 2020. In this study the focus was on three country groups, clusters, which the assignment company had formed with grouping analysis. In the theoretical background of the study the previous studies of paper demand and the methods used were examined. Also the paper grades and their end-uses were studied. The empirical part of this study was conducted by using both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Trend-analysis was used in quantitative part and PESTE-analysis was used in qualitative part. Through these analysis the key drivers of each cluster where identified and the development trend of consumption was estimated with the help of the analysis and the lifecycle model used by the company. Based on the socio-economic factors, the consumption is on a positive growth track but the speed of the growth cannot be estimated due to the influence of media substitution among others.