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  • Limpens, Evita Jurriena Talina (2013)
    This study was set out to investigate whether acculturation attitudes play a mediating role in the acculturation-adaptation link. The main focus was on the relationship between perceived discrimination and psychological adaptation and the potential mediating role of acculturation attitudes in this relationship. Expectations were based on previous research on ethnic and national identification and the role of these concepts in the acculturation-adaptation link. Acculturation attitudes were conceptualised based on Berry’s (1997) bidimensional categorisation of acculturation attitudes. The analysis was conducted among Finnish-Ingrian remigrants from Russia to Finland (n = 224). Data from questionnaires was collected at three times, including at the pre-migratory stage. Acculturation attitudes were measured with the two-statement measurement method: measuring preference for maintenance of the ethnic culture and preference for contact with and participation in the national culture separately. Psychological adaptation was assessed by Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem Scale (Roosenberg, 1965) and the General Well-Being Index (Gaston & Vogel, 2005). The analyses conducted were partially longitudinal and partially cross-sectional. Multiple regression was performed based on Baron and Kenny’s (1986) four-step mediation analysis approach. The results suggest that acculturation attitudes do not mediate the relationship between perceived discrimination and psychological adaptation. Limitations of the study are discussed and recommendations for further research are provided.