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  • Sahimaa, Jaakko Viljami (2017)
    Goal Reason for this research is to examine the relationships between psychological basic needs (autonomy, competence, relatedness ) + benevolance, meaningful work, job satisfaction, employee engagement, self-reported performance and extra-role performance. The aim for this research is to find out if there is a mediative role of meaningful work between psychological basic needs and four outcomes. In previous research psychological basic needs and meaningful work has been related to multiple beneficial individual and organizational level outcomes. In this research four of those outcomes are considered Method Data for this research was collected with a web survey via Internet during summer 2017. Data was collected also from a few Finnish companies as a staff questionnaire. Data consisted of 338 participants. Relationships between variables were examined with SPSS Hayes Process Macro's regression analysis and mediation was analysed with bootstrapping method. Results Meaningful work was positively related to all four outcomes. Psychological basic needs and benevolence together were related also to all four outcomes and meaningful work mediated the relationship between psychological basic needs, benevolence and job satisfaction and employee engagement. When psychological basic needs were examined separately qualities of the relationships varied a lot and the mediative role of meaningful work wasn't so clear anymore.