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  • Paul, Karl Fredrik Hermann (2021)
    When a person experiences a sense of belonging, she can feel joy, contentment and excitement. This feeling emerges in groups, in relationships with others. Sense of belonging, relational pedagogy and group dynamics constitute the theoretical background in this research. The purpose of the research is to distinguish variation in students' perceptions of sense of belonging in school. The problem that the study highlights is that sense of belonging and group development is not explicitly noticed in pedagogy, neither for new teachers nor in the curriculum. Relational pedagogy focuses on the space between us humans and on the meaningful that grow in the human encounter with the world. Group dynamics is a complex whole. The students in the classroom, how these interact with each other and the climate between them form the structure of the group. The processes, how something take place in a group: cooperation, influence and communication, are affected by the group structure. In addition, groups in general are developing and changing. The study was qualitative and phenomenographic. The data was collected using semi-structured interviews, the questions in the interviews were compiled based on central themes in the theoretical background of the thesis. The data collection took place at the same time as a work placement, which favoured the relationship between the interviewer and the students. The sample consisted of nine students aged 12–13. The material was examined using a phenomenographic analysis method. The most characteristic aspects that contributed to the students experiencing belonging in the classroom were that no one is left out and that they always have someone to turn to. It was also clear that it is important to have fun in the classroom and that you need to respect each other. The teacher has a significant role in promoting perceived belonging. The teacher needs to care about her students and be supportive, she needs to be empathetic and have an inviting attitude. The students need to feel confident with the teacher. The teacher needs to be appropriately strict and support the students. Group work is an example of activities that promote a sense of belonging between students. In addition, peer relationships are significant for both the students' sense of security at school and for the perception that they sense a belonging with their classmates.