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  • Kaarento, Joel (2023)
    Objectives. The task of this study is to analyze the personal practival theories of classroom teacher students in the light of the value theory developed by Shalom Schwartz (1992). The aim is to examine the beliefs written by the students and the values or value reflections con-tained in them in the practical theories and to relate them to the studies on Finnish values. In addition, the purpose is to investigate in more detail the nature of the value dimension of self-transcendence in personal practical theories. The purpose of this study is to find out the values of class teacher students, especially in their own profession, but also in general. The research provides information on the values behind the practical theories of classroom teacher students and how the most important values are reflected in the practical theories. Methods. As material, I collected a personal personal theory written by 15 class teacher students through a questionnaire made for the Microsoft Forms platform. I collected the mate-rial anonymously. In the questionnaire, I also asked respondents to put 11 values in personal order of importance. I analysed the practical theories by means of qualitative content analysis, and I analysed the hierarchy question with a comparative research approach, comparing the order of the respondents with the average Finnish order of precedence. Results and conclusions. Universal values appeared in the use theories of the class teacher students who responded to the survey. Benevolence and universalism, i.e. values of self-transcendence, were most present in the data. Benevolence and universalism manifested themselves in very diverse and different ways in students' perceptions of their own teaching and the knowledge and skills that class teacher students want to represent and promote in their future profession. The consideration of students as an individual was reflected in the personal practical theories of many respondents as an idea of the skills considered important by teachers. In addition, the personal values of the class teacher students were in line with the average values of Finns.