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  • Laasio, Emmi (2020)
    As a part of constructing the upcoming repository for spent nuclear fuel ONKALO®, Posiva Oy is investigating the hydrogeological structures of Olkiluoto bedrock. Posiva Flow Log (PFL) drillhole measurements are an important part in characterization of bedrock’s hydraulic properties. The measurements are conducted both from the surface and in the study site of ONKALO tunnel network. Results are used widely at the site from the planning of construction to the water conducting fracture characterization. PFL equipment are capable of measuring groundwater flow originating from a single fracture which enables small scale detection of transmissive fractures in bedrock. Equipment measures temperature variations in a water flow inside an isolated test section to determine the flow rate. Several other equipment for groundwater flow measurement are introduced to highlight the accuracy of PFL. Fractures measured with PFL DIFF were 3D modelled in twelve ONKALO pilot holes (ONK-PH13-20, ONK-PH23, ONK-PH26 and ONK-PH28-29) using FracMan software suitable for fracture network modelling. 3D model described the fracture locations with fracture orientation and pilot hole transmissive fracture traces projected to tunnel walls. Brittle fault zone intersection between the chosen pilot holes were also modelled. Three of the pilot holes (ONK-PH23, ONK-PH28 and ONK-PH29) were selected for the fracture correlation. Pilot hole transmissive fractures were connected with tunnel wall water leaking fractures located with systematic mapping and water leakage mapping. Criteria for connecting the fractures were fracture location, water leakage and fracture orientation. Structure intersections with brittle fault zones were studied individually for each pilot hole. 433 meters of ONKALO tunnels were included in the correlation with total 20 of pilot hole transmissive fractures and 18 tunnel wall water leaking fractures according to systematic mapping. 100 % of ONK-PH23, 75 % of ONK-PH28 and 16,7 % of ONK-PH29 pilot hole transmissive fractures were correlated with tunnel wall water leakages in the corresponding depths. Counterparts were found for nine fractures of total 20 studied fractures based on the listed attributes. Fracture correlation was unsuccessful with 11 of the observed transmissive fractures. Study produced new data for the possible fracture correlations and hydraulic connections were produced in the pilot hole areas. Views and opinions described in this thesis are interpretation of the author and do not necessarily represent Posiva’s views.