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  • Alasmaa, Terhi (2017)
    Food trends and the prevalence of gluten-free diet have increased the use of oats in pastry in recent years. However, wheat has not been replaced by oats alone, substitutes are often mixtures containing buckwheat and potato starch, among others. The flour used for sponge cakes is weak wheat flour. Next to flour, the main raw materials for sponge cake are egg and sugar. Eggs produce an aerated structure of the cakes. The purpose of this study was to use as much oat as possible in sponge cake without losing the characteristic structure of the product. In the preliminary experiments, it was found that it was possible to replace wheat flour fully by oat endosperm. When the oat flour contained bran, the characteristics of the sponge cake changed significantly. Other preliminary tests were per-formed with the use of full oat flours with different particle size. Endosperm oat and whole oat flours were selected for a maturing time test to examine the effect of flour disintegra-tion on the finished product. Texture- and moisture measurements were performed. Prod-ucts of the same oat flour were also manufactured in production scale. Texture- and hu-midity measurements, as well as the changes over time were captured. In addition, a con-sumer test and a descriptive analysis of the products were carried out by a trained taste panel. The study showed that wheat flour can be replaced by oat endosperm or full oat flour with a particle size of about 390 μm. The results of the preliminary investigation showed that it is possible to produce a sponge cake with full oat flour with almost the same characteristics as the product has when made with wheat flour, only the oat product was perceived a little dryer. The sensory profile on full oat flour sponge cakes showed more brittleness, the addition of bran made the biscuits even more brittle. Longer maturing time improved the properties of the product in every flour type tested. The best way to replace wheat flour by oat is using only oat endosperm.