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  • Ekholm, Juha (2020)
    Gambling is very popular and general in Finland. During the past few years gambling has increased its status as a form of entertainment. Nowadays gambling can be seen as a normal way to spend free time. Due to the technical development and digitalization the main trend in gambling is a transition from the land-based gaming to the digital channel and to the internet-based gaming. The fastest growing channel in the gaming industry is cordless mobile technology. For the consumer continuously growing number of internet gambling means wider range of gambling products available and offers more comfortable and easier way to play different type of games. For the monopoly system of gambling in Finland the continuously increasing volume of cross border gambling means tightening competition between the international online gambling companies and the state-owned company called Veikkaus and increasing interaction between the different geographical scales. According to the European Union SEUT 56 article of free movement of persons, services and capital Finland has to justify its gambling monopoly´s legitimization to the European union. This is the reason why there can be seen so called vertical quarrel between the member state and the EU- level in the gambling policy at different levels. At individual level this means different kind of limits and borders set by the state in order to minimize gambling related harms and to follow the standards of responsible gambling. In this thesis I focus on internet gambling through the concept of virtual space. The virtual space has become an increasingly important environment as an action space for the human being nowadays. The immaterial and limitless virtual space makes possible for its user a global sphere of influence. The significance of the Internet as a data channel and communicational channel is remarkable. For the gambling industry the internet provides an excellent distribution channel due its borderless nature. The borderless nature combined with secure money transferring and fast broadbands has created an enormous sized online gambling market. Within the European Union the significance of the cross-border gambling companies based on Malta has played a major role in this process. Sports betting is classified as a skill game in the field of gambling. The relationship between sports betting and world-class sports can be perceived distinctly. From the effect of the technological development the different sports series can be reached easily through the streaming services and through different live-score services and applications. Hedonistic motives which dominate in the backround of sports betting are very important and has a major significance. The economist motives are connected to the sports betting as well. The material that was used in the study was collected with a form interview which was focused to the sports bettors who take an interest especially in sports betting. When examining the material of the study as the most central point, the tension value and entertainment value produced by gambling rises especially among the amusement players and hobby players. Sports betting is experienced as entertainment and a form of leisure with a significant entertainment value. According to the survey It was experienced that the streaming services and live-score services were increasing the interest of sports betting. In the internet gambling the significance of the mobile betting was important. Internet gambling has extended the field of gambling, has made it easier to use and increased the competition between the gambling companies. To the sports bettor this means higher odds and returning percentage, more interesting games and bonus campaigns with better benefits.