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  • Vanhanen, Saara (2015)
    Different kind of medication reviews have been developed in different countries. In Finland comprehensive medication review was developed in the late 2000th. Only few researches of medication review exist in Finland. In other countries more studies on the subject have been done. This Master's thesis's aim in the literature review was to examine what kind of outcome measurements were used in medication review studies and what kind of results were obtained from these measurements. In many medication review studies different kind of drug related parameters were used to evaluate the effectiveness of medication review. These parameters are Drug Related Problems (DRP), Medication Appropriateness Index (MAI) and different kind of criteria's for potentially inappropriate medication for elderly. Medication reviews have showed a positive effect on these parameters. To the health-related quality of life medication reviews have not shown any statistical effect. Physical performance meters have not been used a lot in medication review studies. And results have been controversial. Omahoitosuunnitelma 2100 (OMA21) research project, that examines the effectiveness of the comprehensive medication review in Finnish health care, could potentially due to its long follow-up time produce results also from the quality of life and physical performance instruments. In the Master's thesis's experimental part the aim was to evaluate unity of the medication reviews in OMA21 research project. For four intervention patients in the OMA21 research project parallel medication reviews were done. From these reviews were examined how many of the problems found in the reviews were the same with different reviewers. There was a lot of dispersion in the problems found in the reviews. Only 17.5 % of the 40 different problems found in the reviews were the same with all the reviewers. From 12 patients medication reviews drug related problems were categorized by PCNE classification V6.2. 69 drug related problems were found from the medication reviews. Most common problem was the treatment effectiveness (P1) (37.7 %). For the problems 92 potential causes were found and the most common of them was drug selection (C1) (39.1 %). The aim was also examine whether Evidence-Based Medicine electronic Decision Support (EBMeDS) tool, developed by Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd, could be useful in the OMA21 research project. It was shown that EBMeDS have limited advantage if patients' information has not been reported right in the electronic health records. Only 30 % of the examined drugs had indication. In the future if the patients' information was reported right in the electronic health records the EBMeDS tools could be useful help in medication reviews, because EBMeDS contains many electronic databases that are often used in medication reviews.P50O48