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  • Mäenpää, Tiina (2017)
    The aim of this thesis was to synthesize abietic acid derivatives, and to determine their antimicrobial activity. The study was performed in two parts. The first part was carried out at VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and the second part at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. Abietic acid as well as its isomers and precursors are important antimicrobial substances among plant kingdom. They are produced in big scale by conifers, which extractives of pitch and wood they are. Abietic acid and its many derivatives have shown to have many bioactivities. Emerging antibiotic resistance of bacteria, viral diseases that are spreading and mutating throughout the world and serious diseases caused by protozoa, cause an ever-growing need to develop new active agents against these pathogens. Abietic acid derivatives are worthy candidates for research into new drug substances. At VTT a synthetic route with abietic acid chloride as intermediate was used (synthetic route 1). It did not work well in the synthesis of esters and yields were low. The synthetic route worked fairly well for amide synthesis. The purifications and analysis of the compounds, two esters and one amide of abietic acid, were left partially unfinished, and none of the products of these reactions were tested for bioactivity. At the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology eight derivatives of abietic acid, from abietic acid and four different amino acids, were obtained via synthetic route 2. Some of these were sent to tests for antibacterial activity. Six synthesized compounds were sent to tests for their bioactivity against bacteria. However, the results were not obtained in time for this Master's thesis, and therefore any conclusions of their structure-activity relationships could not be drawn.