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  • Nohynek, Risto (2023)
    Obesity has increased in our society for decades and is still increasing. It is a burden for individuals and societies. The healthcare costs, disability, illnesses, and deaths caused by it are unfortunately a big burden on global scale. Binge eating disorder is an eating disorder in which a person uncontrollably devours an excessive amount of food due to a lack of self-control. Binge eating disorder is strongly linked to obesity and it further increases the weight of both normal weight and obese people. Many mechanisms influence the regulation of eating. A long-term research subject and affecting the regulation of eating, serotonergic and serotonin receptors, affect the amount of food eaten and the reward system, and disturbances in serotonin signaling have been linked to obesity. Aim of this study was to exam binge-like eating modelled C57Bl/6J mice and their food consumption, while affecting serotonergic signaling. I studied psychoactive LSD and antipsychotic MDL 100907 effects on serotonergic signaling in a binge-like eating model, using drugs both separately and simultaneously. Mice were induced into a stress-free model of binge-like eating by providing high-energy food once a week for 24 hours. When the binge eating model was runnig, once a week the mice were dosed with a drug or substances and given energy-dense food to binge on. In the study, consumed food and water were measured. The mice were also subjected to locomotor tests to ensure that they were able to eat motorically. Induction of the binge-like eating model was successful and a reduction in binge eating was observed in mice under LSD alone at significant time points. MDL reduced binge-like eating at the first time point. No significant changes were observed in the water intake. The locomotor tests ensured a sufficient amount of movement to enable eating. Even though the drugs individually reduced binge-like eating, it should be noted that the properties of the drugs, and especially the trials of their combined use, which did not show significant results, do not promise significant discoveries in terms of similar research.