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  • Hedström, Anna (2020)
    The ability to regulate release of noradrenaline, dopamine and GABA is one of the most important roles of the nicotinic receptors. The release of neurotransmitters following stimulation of nicotinic receptors is addressed in the thesis, with focus on dopamine and noradrenaline. Release of neurotransmitters, mediated through nicotinic receptors, has been researched using various methods, including brain slices, microdialysis and synaptosomes. Research using synaptosomes have provided valuable information regarding nicotinic receptors and their ability to regulate neurotransmitter release. Research using receptor specific antagonists have provided information regarding the stoichiometry of nicotinic receptor in different regions of the brain. The primary focus in the thesis, was the characterization of [3H]dopamine release following stimulation of nicotinic receptors with varenicline and acetylcholine, using synaptosomes from mouse striatum. Using a-conotoxin-MII, the [3H]dopamine release was divided into a-conotoxin- MII-resistant and -sensitive release. [3H]Dopamine release was mediated through a6b2*- and a4b2*-receptors from striatal synaptosomes. The involvement of other receptors could not be ruled out, but based on these results and results from previous studies, the involvement of other nicotinic receptors is supposedly low.