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  • Saharinen, Janne (2020)
    Prolyloligopeptidase (PREP) and alphasynuclein are linked to various neurological and psychiatric conditions of which the most relevant considering this study is parkinsonism. PREP cleaves small peptides after a proline residue. It has also protein-protein ineractions with alphatubulin, GAP-43 and alphasynuclein. PREP inhibitors have been shown to have an effect to elimination of alphasyuclein via autophagy. Thiazole is a heteroaromatic compound with two heteroatoms (sulphur and nitrogen). Thiazole can be found as a structural component among various active pharmaceutical ingredients with wide array of indications. Synthetic route for thiazole was published in 1887 and a considerable amount of literature regarding the use of thiazole in medicinal and synthetic chemistry has been published. The aim of the study was to extend the the scope of research done in the research group on small-molecular thiazole-based PREP inhibitors. The goal was to develop a synthetic route to access a series of molecules and gain information of the possible biological activities of the produced compounds by determining their IC50-values in vitro, effect on dimerization of alphasynuclein and removal of alphasynuclein via autophagy in a cell culture. Optimization of the synthetic route and search of alternative reactions were among the aims to some extent. During the course of study yields of some steps of the synthesis were improved and some new molecules had biological activity.