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IEEE 802.X Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Performance Measurement

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Title: IEEE 802.X Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Performance Measurement
Author(s): Santra, Sougata
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2014
Wireless ad-hoc network does not rely on a preexisting infrastructure unlike the wired and managed wireless networks and hence are decentralized in nature. This decentralized nature makes it suitable for some services, which are mobile in nature. It is more scalable to design a service using a wireless ad-hoc network, where centralized design cannot be relied on. This makes it important to measure the performance of a wireless ad-hoc network to determine its theoretical and practical limits. A wireless network performance is dependent on a lot of factors, some of them are blindingly obvious while others are relatively obscure. Which makes the measurements of such limits challenging. In this study we review the previous works done so far, to determine the performance of wireless ad-hoc networks. Another purpose of this study is to calculate the theoretical limit of the performance of such networks. Finally we carry out experiments in real life conditions and use the results to find out the difference between theoretical and practical limits.

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