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Analysis of Lean Startup Metrics : Literature Review and Empirical Findings

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Title: Analysis of Lean Startup Metrics : Literature Review and Empirical Findings
Author(s): Pennanen, Teppo
Contributor: University of Helsinki, Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science
Discipline: Computer science
Language: English
Acceptance year: 2015
This thesis is a study on Lean Startup metrics. It attempts to answer what is measured and how in Lean Startup, how it differs from other software measurement and what information needs today's startups have. This study has literature study and an empirical survey using real start-ups. This study explains how the software measurement has changed over the years and what kind of metrics Lean Startup suggests to be used and why. It shows differences in measurement use between traditional start-ups and Lean Startups. This study suggest reasons and motivations to use measurement in start-ups and gives examples when not to. In the scope of this study a survey with questionnaires and interviews was conducted. It showed distinctly different attitudes towards measurement between traditional start-up entrepreneurs and those who like to call themselves Lean Startup entrepreneurs. Measurement in Lean Startup is not an end in itself, but a useful tool for gaining feedback for the gut-feelings of an entrepreneur. Metrics, when meaningful and correct, communicate the focus within a start-up and will objectively evaluate the business' success.

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