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  • Savonen, Sonia (2015)
    Objectives. The meaning of this Master's thesis is to analyze the development, transformation and meanings of teachers' professional identity in narratives produced by teachers covering memorable students. The study pursues to explain how teachers' professional identity is built in narratives, explain the meanings connected to teachers' professional identity, and specify factors between teacher and student encounters. Teachers' different roles are constructed to structure the variety of features in the profession of a teacher. The frame of reference for the study is an encounter -point of view, in which the concepts of identity and otherness are intertwined. Methods. The study is qualitative by its nature and based on the constructivist philosophy of science. The material consists of five narratives produced by teachers covering memorable students. The narratives were collected in spring of 2014 and consist of a total of 15 pieces. The data was processed by analyzing the content through narrative analysis after which it was possible to perceive a narrative model of the culture of teachers. Through themes and classification I reconstructed this model producing four fictional narratives, in which the original themes occurred. I interpreted each narrative on the basis of the theoretical framework, and analyzed the identities, roles as well as the possibility for encounters constructed in the narratives. Next, I examined the common features of the narratives produced by teachers, after which I considered concrete answers to the research questions. Results and discussion. Through the model stories conveyed an image of the shared values and beliefs of teachers. Teachers' values appear to be founded on traditional basis and characterized by the teacher's personal identity. Teachers' professional identity can be interpreted consisting of the roles of an enhancer, educator, teacher and supporter. The narratives conveyed a contradictory world in which teachers are balancing between these roles, and strive to build their own professional identity in the context of the model story. The narratives, which show characteristics of encounters, shared similar descriptions of the teacher's desire to help and understand the challenging situation of a pupil. In encounters the identities of the teacher and student confront, and both are heard and understood.
  • Hyry, Henna (2015)
    The subject of this study is mothers' experiences of clothing due a period of breastfeeding. The subject has been barely studied before. The starting point for the examination were my own experiences and the conversations I had had with other mothers. The aim of the study was to analyze and conceptualize how mothers describe an influence of breastfeeding on their clothing. Data has been collected from blog entries of 19 mothers and entries were publicly readable in the Internet. Blog entries were written despite of this study and I made data retrieval using search engines. Analysis was made using qualitative methods such as content analysis, thematizing and typology. The study demonstrated that breastfeeding has influences on dressing in various ways. I divided the descriptions of dress during breastfeeding into four sections according to the content of data: taste in dressing, social environment, physical environment and reasons for the procurement of clothes. These four sections influence on dress, but their weight and meanings are different to different mothers. I formed five different types of mothers from data using typology: sheath dress mother, light work mother, demanding mother, self-indulgent mother and baby bottle mother.