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  • Mäkikokko, Mira (2019)
    Aims. Listening to adults reading aloud has in many researches been found to have several benefits to child’s linguistic development. There are many ways to perform reading aloud such as interactive reading, dialogic reading and text-talk method which are all developed by researchers. The aim of this study is to discover new information about primary school teachers reading aloud: for what purposes teachers perform reading aloud, what are the main features of reading aloud by teachers and what attitudes teachers associate toward reading aloud. Methods. This study is based on the Lukuklaani research project data. The research project conducted an online survey to map out the literacy education of the Finnish primary schools. The survey was answered during November and December in 2017. The survey had total of 58 questions including closed and open questions. Some closed questions had the possibility to be answered with open specification. Total number of answers from teachers were 885 from which 722 answered teachers worked for the signed up research project schools and 163 for random sample schools. From the complete research project data the answers to the open questions regarding reading aloud were reviewed and then themed and furthermore categorized by answer type in line with my study. The research method in this study was data based qualitative content analysis with elements of theory driven analysis. Results and conclusions. This study showed that for some teachers reading aloud was a regular routine. Some teachers used it for calming, motivating to read or to support learning of their students. Reading aloud also had a role in other learning methods of literacy education such as book circles. Reading aloud by teachers showed aspects from many different methods such as performance reading and several researcher developed methods. Almost 90 percent of teachers participating in the Lukuklaani research project read aloud to their students. At the same time the answers showed concern about reading being in lesser role as a hobby and homes showing less support for reading. This study revealed more information of reading aloud habits of teachers. According to this study those habits play a major role in teaching yet they haven’t been studied widely in Finland.