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  • Hirvonen, Noora (2016)
    This thesis is a study of film costumes in The Great Gatsby movies. Earlier research has shown that film costumes have many meanings. They carry the story forward, build the characters and act as visual elements. A costume designer collaborates with other professionals such as a director and a scenographer to create the meanings of the film costumes. According to a movie research theory, there are four concepts of time in cinema: the time of the narrative, the time when the text that the film is based on was written or published, the time when the movie was completed and the audience ºs time. The research aims to describe how the 1920s (the time of the narrative and its writing) fashion is interpreted in two different remakes of The Great Gatsby. The objective of this thesis is also to analyse how the times when the movies have been made effect costumes. I analysed the sign language of the film costume in these two remakes using the semiotic and the aesthetic method. The primary data consisted of The Great Gatsby movies from 1974 and 2013 as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald ºs novel by the same title from the year 1925. As secondary data I used articles in which the movie creators were interviewed, and film reviews. In this thesis, the leading lady Daisy's costumes were analysed in three different scenes applying fashion photograph analysis and Henry Bacon's model of four motivations. In The Great Gatsby movies, the time of making the film is manifested especially in looseness or tightness of the costumes and their shape. Also in the accessories, hair and makeup you can see traces of the time when the movie was made. There were elements both the time of the story and the time when the movie was made. Film costumes are compromises between the fashion of the time of the narrative and the film's creation. The visual hints need to be subtle enough to make the costume believable in portraying the time of the story but new enough to be interesting to the audience. It is more important to create the feeling of the time of the narrative than to copy the fashion exactly. A movie's creators construct film costume, so ultimately it represents their style.