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  • Seppänen, Karoliina (2019)
    In my work, I study the child's transition from home to early childhood education. The transition from home care to early childhood education has previously been studied in Finland only little and with different qualitative material. Transitions are turning points in life and are very significant to the individual. Knowledge of the transition to early childhood education is important for professionals in early childhood education so that they can reflect and improve their work practices and thus facilitate the transition of children, especially when the child first comes to early childhood education. My research practice was narrative and it was carried out by analyzing ten blog posts written by parents on the topic of “starting child's early childhood education”, or in more native language “start day care”. Parents' stories were synthesized together and became a model story of the transition to early childhood education. In the model story, the parent was a clear protagonist, a child and an early childhood education staff were sidecharacters. The story began with a description of the parents' feelings and expectations, after which the story moved to describe the place of early childhood education and the reactions of the child to the palce. The story continues with the description of the separation between the child and the parent and coping with the new life situation. At the end, the parent is pleased with the solution to start a child's early childhood education.