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  • Kuosma, Marlen (2018)
    Adolescence is a unique time, which includes different development tasks. One phase strongly linked with adolescence is the act of becoming independent and thus moving to a home of your own. Adolescence has changed over the past years, which has had an effect on the youth`s emancipation. Emancipation still heavily includes management of different everyday skills. The know-how of the everyday skills can be considered important because of that. Still improving these skills requires training, in which the childhood home plays an important role. The role of the parents, before and after the moving-out process of their emancipating adolescent, is irreplaceable. The goal of this study is to approach emancipation from the adolescent`s perspective, trough everyday skills. My research questions are the following: 1. What skills living an independent life requires? 2. What challenges has emancipation brought forward? 3. What type of support adolescents need for emancipation? The material consisted of 6 interviews, in which the emancipation of adolescents was handled. Supporting the interviews was pictures taken by adolescents from their own everyday life. The material was analyzed by using content analysis. The study showed, that the skills learned at childhood home, helped with the moving out process. All of the adolescents in the interview talked that, with gaining independence they have had to take responsibility of their everyday life in a completely new way, thus improving their mastery of everyday life. Financial and emotional support if the parents was seen as a significant positive factor in the emancipation procress. Emancipation had also brought changes to their own everyday life and routines. For some of the adolescents this meant more freedom in life, while for some others emancipation meant, for an example a decrease in quality of sleep and nutrition. Every adolescent saw that the moving out process was an important phase of their youth, which gave the possibility of a more independent life. Even though the childhood home was nice to visit after moving out, the youth didn`t consider moving back in. Own home was the placem where they could be on their own, and the same time be Mr. Oneself.