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  • Laaksonen, Mira (2018)
    The city as a cultural environment offers an interesting visual angle to food and restaurant culture as well the research of the development of the reputation and image of the area. The purpose of this thesis is to represent, analyze and interpret the restaurant supply and culture in the North Side of the Long Bridge of Helsinki as well as the changes in the restaurant reputation in the Vaasankatu restaurant culture in between the 1974 and 2017. The framework was formed by the survey of the restaurants and their special features in the North Side of the Long Bridge of Helsinki. The research focused also of the change of the restaurant reputation and the factors that influenced on it. Three different research methods were used in this thesis. In January 2018 an interview was executed of the five restaurant owners and employees. They were asked how they saw the restaurant reputation of Alppiharju and Vaasankatu area and what type of changes they have seen on it. –service was used to investigate the restaurant supply of the North Side of the Long Bridge of Helsinki and Töölö area. I also studied whether the selection of the restaurants differs in between these areas. In addition to this I used the mappings of the business premises in Vaasankatu during the years 1974 and 2017 and studied the changes in these during these years. The doctoral thesis of the formation of the labor society in the North Side of the Long Bridge of Helsinki of the professor Heikki Waris was utilized in this study. A qualitative content analysis was used in the analysis of the research materials. As a result a description of the restaurant culture and image as well as the influencing factors was formed of the Alppiharju district and especially the Vaasankatu area. The restaurant supply in the Vaasankatu area was similar to Töölö area in the year 2017. The selection has remarkably increased and diversified since 1974 in the Vaasankatu area. In spite of this Vaasankatu is still known as street of bars and restaurant reputation is fairly modest. The restaurant owners saw the district attempting in the restaurant culture point of view. They were also hoping that the restaurant reputation of this area will develop in a positive way as the Kalasatama and Pasila districts will expand.