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  • Perret, Marie (2016)
    Research in personal crises and their impact on an individual's life has largely focused on specific diseases and external tragedies. Studies on personal life crises have however, during the last decades shifted from a focus on psychiatric research to including socio-cultural and behavioural factors. Research in employment and work-life balance also shows a growing interest in incorporating the individual perspective, whereas these two disciplines have a lot to offer in studying individuals' relation to their occupation. Work impact on people's personal lives and vice versa is therefore an important topic to explore, emphasizing occupational health in relation to the individual's personal circumstances. The aim of this study is to illustrate how individuals who go through a personal life crises experience the return to work. The study is done by phenomenological research and consists of three in-depth interviews. The participants of the study were interviewed with a semi-structured interview guide and the interviews were transcribed and analysed through content analysis of life-world stories. The study results showed that the return to work was perceived as necessary for each participant as they went through their crises. Results also described that equality in role balance between family roles and the professional role was central to continue to work during the crisis time. One of the participants revealed that a non-open discussion in the organisational culture made it difficult for the individual to continue working through the crises, while the other two participants expressed that it felt more natural to address the personal difficulties in the workplace. Partly because of more flexible work conditions, partly because of more independent work–life. The study's findings propose further research in an overall perspective regarding wellbeing at the workplace and raise a further interest in researching work-life balance from the individuals' perspective. The study highlights some individuals experience in combining work life with personal life, but raises current questions about the employers' responsibility for the employees' well being as well as illustrates individuals' various social support networks.