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  • Engström, Dan (2022)
    The purpose of this study is to find out in what ways mothers experience that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the interaction with their youngest child. I also wish to contribute to early childhood education by finding out how we can support children with an insecure, but organized, and disorganized attachment style and to find out in what type of way the parents wish to receive support in their parenting. Earlier studies show that the parent´s sensitive intonation to the child affects its security, the ability to regulate emotions, and the relationship with the parent. This is called attachment. Children with inadequate attachment to their mothers have a higher risk of developing depression-like symptoms. The child´s ability to mentalize develops in relation to the parent and is a prerequisite for the child to develop empathy and compassion. Children with a secure attachment style have a better ability for mentalization during childhood. The material for this study was collected through semi-structured interviews with seven mothers whose youngest child was born in the year 2020. The material was analyzed inductively based on qualitative content analysis. The results showed that the mothers believed that the coronavirus pandemic had isolated them from their everyday life. They felt more tired, more irritated, and had been forced into more flexibility than before. The mothers hadn´t felt alone despite the coronavirus pandemic since their partners had teleworked from home. Three of the interviewed mothers had regular contact with a psychologist or a psychotherapist during their pregnancy. Two of them had continued their therapy after the childbirth. One of the interviewed mothers showed indications of depression. All mothers described their relationship with their newborns and how their interaction took place during everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic. Five of the mothers showed indications of a secure attachment style and two of the mothers showed indications of flaws in their attachment relationship to their newborn. The mothers´ foremost expectation of the day-care staff was trustful and open communication, support in their parenting, and the supporting of their children´s social relations. To support the parents and the children´s interaction, it would be desirable that the daycare staff and the staff at the child health guidance clinics were educated according to the mentalization guide.
  • Ahlroth, Linda (2015)
    The aim of this study was to through mothers stories deepen the understanding of how mothers had experienced the colic time period and how they had experienced the support in the situation. The theory in this thesis has a parental perspective and deals with subjects about the everyday life and the interaction in families with colicky infants and the support that is aimed at these families. On the basis of the theoretical frame of reference the following research issues were formulated: - How did mothers to colicky infants experience the colic time period? - How did mothers to colicky infants experience the interaction with the child? - How did mothers to colicky infants experience the support in the situation? Seven mothers to infants who had had colic participated in theme-centered interviews that took place in spring 2014. The results of the study show that the mothers experienced the colic time period and the interaction with an excessively crying child as burdening all though the mothers felt the attachment was normalized to this date. The support that is offered to parents with colicky infants was experienced as lacking by the mothers and therefore a development of both the information and the support provided is considered important.