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  • Alanko, Maria (2012)
    In this study liberal adult education teachers tell about themselves as teachers. Full-time teachers from metropolitan area make up the majority of my research subjects. Liberal adult education is the institutional context of teachers' work and their work environment. Context gives general guidelines for teachers work. My research presents teachership as a three-dimensional phenomenon, which consists of career path, teachership and textbook selection. Dimensional model of understanding teachers and teachership functions as the main structuring principle throughout this report. Out of three dimensions, textbook selection is least researched. Still, it is a very important part of teachers' work. I see textbook selection as a vital part of pedagogic planning and curriculum. In my study, I have a narrative approach on teachers' world. As a research material collection method I have used episodic interview. I have analyzed my research material using narrative research method. I have chosen narrative analysis to construct narratives from semantic and episodic knowledge. My results consist of situational and thematic narratives that intent to describe three-dimensional teachership and type narratives that describe two different teacher ideal types.