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  • Mattsson, Jonatan (2023)
    The aim of the current study was to broaden the understanding for the relationship between physical activity and working memory among primary school students. In addition, I aimed to investigate the level of physical activity among the students. Prior research implies that students who are more active and are in better condition, also tend to have better memory. The current study is a quantitative survey study. The survey was developed to measure students’ physical activity and was filled out by 54 sixth graders during their school day. The survey consisted of questions concerning how they go to school, school break activities, spare time activities, and hobbies. First, students filled out the questionnaire, and after that, they participated in a working memory test. The working memory test consisted of a digit span test forward and a digit span test backward. The results from the current survey study indicate that boys who are more physically active seem to have a larger working memory capacity than those less active. The differences were most noticeable in the forward digit span test. Similar differences were not observed among girls. However, the level of physical activity among the tested girls was clearly under the national average, hence, no strong conclusions can be drawn.