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  • Halonen, Mikko (2015)
    The purpose of this study was to research connection between physical condition and school success. Connection between physical condition and math grades was also measured. This is a case study and the material was collected from one secondary school in Helsinki during the school year 2010–2011. The study involves altogether 62 boys and 40 girls from the ninth grade. Physical condition was measured by Cooper-test which is used internationally. School success was measured by calculating the mean of pupils grades from theoretical subjects. Success in mathematics was measured by the grades of diplomas. The material of the study was collected confidentially with the administrational staff of the school and two physical education teacher in the end of the year. The purpose of the study is to find out connections between these variables, compare them and try to find out differences between sex. Good wellness and good shape is known to increase the quality of life and well-being. The theoretical part of this study closely looks at the concepts of physical condition, physical education, evaluation and succeeding in school. There was no connection between physical stamina and school success or physical stamina and success in mathematics in this study. The results from the cross table didn't show any strong or moderate connection. The reason that there was no connection found could be that the sample was small. Also the location of the school might cause some differences because the results might be different in the other parts of Finland. This study should be continued by long distance study and compare the results between different locations in Finland.