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  • Ryky, Pinja (2018)
    Objectives. In the light of previous research, so called working life orientation is more emphasised in university education and this is also what students wish. Previous studies have shown that there is a shortage of skills and knowledge among university students and employers' expectations. Especially students in generalist fields, i.e. those students who do not graduate from their studies to a certain profession, experience challenges in their working life transition. This study examines the experiences of generalist students in the competences they have learned in the university and what competencies they think it was useful to learn when transitioning to working life. The study also explores the challenges the graduated students face in working life on a more general level. Methods. The study examined 20 generalist students from the University of Helsinki and especially their experiences of learning working life skills and the challenges faced after the transition to working life. The data were collected with a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The data were analyzed using abductive content analysis method. Results and Conclusions. The students reported to learn competencies related to understanding and knowledge formation, and the least described competences were related to communication and interaction. Most of the students missed the least described communication and interaction competences, and also the challenges in working life were mostly related to these competences. It can be concluded that student learning of communication skills should be developed in order to prepare students for the demands of working life.