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  • Katajala, Sofia (2018)
    The purpose of the study is to find out the issues raised by the new handicraft curriculum. How does the Basic Education Curriculum 2014 apply to the teaching of handicrafts and what challenges or opportunities it set for teaching, learning and learning environments. What kind of ways to use handicraft curriculum have been developed by the teachers in their own work. The master's thesis is a continuation of my bachelor's degree, where I interviewed handicraft teachers and examined their opinions regarding the future curriculum. During the research, there was a strong discussion about changes in handicraft education. I wanted to find out why the curriculum causes such a lot of opinions. The purpose of my research is to find out which things make the most recent curriculum difficult and easy to implement The results of previous studies revealed that the handicraft environment and facilities limit the implementation of the new curriculum. The research is done by a method of qualitativity due to the qualitative nature of the re-search. The target group consisted of 165 handicraft teachers from all over Finland. I collec-ted material from an online community discussion forum where handicraft teachers discus-sed handicraft curriculum and how to implement it in practical work. The debate was one academic year. My approach was netnographic and I classified the material through mate-rial-based content analysis and using the methodology using Atlas.ti. The results showed that the handicrafts Curriculum 2014 was implemented in very different ways. The handicraft teachers were at different stages in the introduction of the curriculum. Some handicraft teachers experienced great challenges to realize a new curriculum in practical teaching while others used it successfully. Handicraft teachers proved to be very hard-working, and they did not plan to surrender easily. Handicraft teachers need tools and support to implement the curriculum, and hope for quick improvement in handicrafts facilities. The pupils' poor interest in handicrafts and the challenges posed by work need a quick solution.