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  • Andström, Oskari (2023)
    Finnish homelessness work has a long tradition. For quite a long time Finnish homelessness work was largely based on the so-called stairwell model all the way until the 2010s when Housing First model emerged. The arrival of Housing First model has had a lot of effect on the everyday work of professionals in the field homelessness work. Therefore, I’ve decided to pose the following question in my study: What kind of challenges and possibilities lie in multiprofessional collaboration of housing counselling, real estate management and rent control in the context of a Housing First based work. It is worth pointing out though, that Housing First based work entails much more than just the work of housing counselling, real estate management and rent control. Despite this I’ve decided to focus my research to studying multiprofessional collaboration of the three previously mentioned actors in the context of Housing First based work. The material studied was collected by interviewing housing counsellors, real estate managers and rent controllers working at Y-Foundation. The interviews were carried out as theme interviews in groups so, that housing counsellors were interviewed as one group, real estate managers as one group and likewise rent controllers as one group. Narrative analysis and more specifically an analysis of expectations was utilized to produce the results. The research material indicated, that the interviewees were particularly concerned over questions about shared responsibility between professionals, flow of information, professional roles as well as differences in views. In many ways these themes resembled those observed in previous research about multiprofessional collaboration. Moreover, the interviewees viewed the employer as a pivotal actor when it comes to strengthening multiprofessional collaboration and knowledge about Housing First based work.