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  • Hannikainen, Terhi (2016)
    The purpose of this study is to use design research to present clothing libraries and discuss the possibilities of fulfilling consumers' needs by preferring sharing clothes rather than buying new ones. The theoretical part of this study examines how clothing libraries fit in the context of sharing economy, circular economy and Product-service systems (PSS). Clothing libraries can be seen as a great example of the sharing economy. Sharing and renting clothes illustrates a way of consuming clothes in a sustainable and communal way. In this study the first cycle of development research is conducted. Based on the results of the cycle, suggestions for improving the range and services of the clothing libraries are given. Design research was used as the method of this study. The data consists of interviews from entrepreneurs and e-surveys from members of the Vaatepuu and Vaaterekki brands. 20 members answered the survey. The entrepreneurs (N=3) were interviewed about the clothing library concept. In addition information was collected about their approach to customer satisfaction as well as technical and functional quality of service. The data from members was collected using an e-form survey to ask how and in which context they use the products. They were also asked which elements influence their purchasing decisions. Customer satisfaction was evaluated by asking members for their opinions about the range of selection and the features of the products. The customers' satisfaction with the service was evaluated in relation to the functional quality of the service: its availability and its operational principles. Opinions were asked utilizing the five-step Likert-scale. Both sets of material were analysed qualitatively, with the help of theory based content analysis. Opinions measuring the variables were analysed using mean and standard deviation. According to the results, the members are satisfied with the concept based selection. However, they wish it would change more often. Members feel that the quality of service is good. Members are satisfied with the length of renting time and the prices of the memberships. According to the findings the selection could vary according to season. The service could be improved by extending opening hours, making an online catalogue, offering a possibility of returning clothes out of hours and offering new membership options.