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  • Kalliokoski, Outi (2014)
    The field of professional cleaning employs many immigrants. In 2011, a total of 11,340 employees with an immigrant background worked in the cleaning field. Students from many different countries and cultures are trained to work in this field. Inadequacy of the Finnish language and culture bring challenges to learning the job. The focus of my research was on immigrant students and work mentors. I have found out how the students of this area of studies experience the guidance of the work. In addition, I have found out the mentors' experiences of the guidance of the immigrant students who are training professional cleaning and mapped out how the guidance should be developed. My research was a qualitative one. I collected the data from immigrant students with interviews and from work mentors using a halfstructured questionnaire. In the analysis I used quantitative facts. The results showed that a work mentor needs a good attitude towards the immigrant students of professional cleaning. Versatile methods in the guidance and enough time and education for carrying out the guidance are also needed. On the other hand the immigrant students must have a sufficient knowledge of language, a good motivation and respect for professional cleaning. A good adaptation to the work culture of Finland has an important influence on the successful period of on-the-job-learning.