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  • Hakonen, Sonja (2016)
    Objectives. The purpose of the study was to follow literacy and reading comprehension progress in a multi-cultural school in the first grade. In my research I reviewed also learning support in the form of remedial teaching. There was little information about immigrant pupils learning to read especially in southern Finland with multicultural areas. Literacy and reading comprehension are in focus, when you look at successful school careers. Previous studies have shown that the effects of literacy and reading comprehension persist after primary and secondary school. Methods. The study involved four first grade classes in one multicultural elementary school in Vantaa. One of the classes was integrated special education class. The study involved a total of 67 1st grade pupils. There were 29 Finnish pupils and 38 immigrant pupils. The data was collected during the academic year 2013-2014 with ARMI- assessment tool. Statistical methods, Kruskal-Wallis test, was used to compare the performance of Finnish pupils and pupils with immigrant background in three points of assessment in the fall, winter and spring. Results and conclusions. Finnish pupils achieved accurate reading skill faster than the immigrant pupils. The difference between the groups in reading comprehension was clear in winter. The difference between the groups and the results in winter and spring increased during the 1st class. Learning support was provided to immigrant pupils much more than to Finnish pupils. The total number was 264.5 hours during the school year. Finnish students were given remedial teaching 94.5 hours and the immigrant pupils 170 hours during the first grade. In conclusion assessment tools for immigrant pupils must be developed and normalized. The migrant pupils' reading and reading comprehension are not progressing so well as the skills of Finnish students. The difference is significant at the end of 1st class