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  • Haapanen, Onni (2023)
    Teaching profession and teacher education are valued in Finnish society. It’s been noticed that the popularity of teacher education is on the decline and society is discussing the teacher shortage. The aim of this thesis was to view student teachers’ views on teacher education and images of the teaching profession and school. The aim was to find out If there are differences between classroom teacher students’, early childhood education teacher students’, special education teacher students’ and subject teacher students’ views and images. Thesis material was collected using a ready-made questionnaire from the student teachers at the University of Helsinki as part of a research project called The attractiveness and retention of the teacher's work in the spring of 2023. 277 students answered the survey. Thesis was made using quantitative methods. Used meters were condensed by principal component analysis ja formed principal components’ mean dif-ferences between study tracks were explored by one-way analysis of variance. There are differences between the study tracks regarding views on teacher training. Subject teacher students saw the quality of teacher education and the employment situation of those who have graduated from teacher education as weaker than classroom teacher students and early childhood teacher students. Views on teacher education as an area of application pressure did not differ. There were also differences between the study tracks regarding the images of the teaching profession and the school. Early childhood education teacher students differed from classroom teacher students and subject teacher students regarding the challenges of the teaching profession and social factors as well as their own school experiences and career advancement opportunities. Classroom teacher students differed from subject teacher students in the images of the possibilities of the teaching profession. Opinions about the appreciation of the teaching profession and its change didn't differ. The results show that student teachers have many different views and images. Teacher education is a many-sided education, but all student teachers don’t see it equally positively. The teaching profession is made up of various factors and student teachers have many different images of the teaching profession. It is important to get information about the perceptions of future teachers when the challenges of education increase. However, the differences in views and images indicate that teacher education doesn’t give all student teachers the same understanding.