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  • Niemi, Josefiina (2019)
    The goal in this study was to highlight new perspectives on house work. The purpose was to find out what people are talking about when they talk about invisible house work and what the meanings of invisible house work are for family members. In this study, invisible house work is the work that is done in homes, but which cannot be measured in time or financially. There is no clear concept of invisible house work, although its existence is easily recognizable. Division of invisible house work between familymembers creates conflicts with the family. In previous studies, this work has been called the spiritual and psychological aspect of house work and coordination. Everyday is a life-producing process where home work plays a key role. House work produces both physical and mental well-being. House work was approached through its value, the time involved and the perceived fairness. The research material used was discussions about invisible house work in online discussion forums at the end of 2015. The research work was qualitative, as the starting point of the research is to describe real life and seek its fullest possible comprehension. Discussions were analyzed by means of both content analysis and narrative analysis. The research questions were: 1. What do informants mean by invisible house work? 2. What meanings do informants give to invisible house work through their experiences? In the light of the study, the invisible house work was invisible to everyday life and to the good of family members, consisting of action, interaction and responsibility. The meaning of invisible house work seemed to be concern for our loved ones and their well-being. It was to take into account the needs and wishes of other family members so that the overall responsibility and power were distributed evenly and created experience of justice. Unselfish caring for others increased the feeling of security and communality as well as happiness.