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  • Hänninen, Minna (2023)
    According to the results, female entrepreneurs define their entrepreneurial identity in many ways. Both individual and social factors are part of the negotiation of entrepreneurial identity. In the entrepreneurship of women entrepreneurs, self-listening and realization are meaningful. In addition, societal factors is also a factor of formation of one's own entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial identity. Balance between one's own well-being and self-fulfillment is important in the entrepreneurship. The study supports previous research on women's holistic way of acting as entrepreneurs (see Kyrö 2004). Some of the female entrepreneurs wanted to keep the size of their company small, which supports previous research. However, in this study, there were also female entrepreneurs whose goal was to grow their business, or their business had already expanded internationally, which differs from previous research data. In addition, with this study, it was revealed that for the female entrepreneurs in the study, taking care of their own well-being is an important part of their entrepreneurship.